TVI Camera (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

TVI Camera or HD TVI Camera is a new revolutionary technology allowing users to send uncompressed high-resolution video over coaxial, cat5 and cat6 cables

HD TVI has emerged as one of the most popular Security Camera technologies in USA market. The earned popularity into the HD Analog cameras comes because the TVI camera offers clears competitive arrangements that represent a measurable benefit to CCTV Installers and end users.

Some of the most important TVI Technology details are listed below:

  • Max Resolution (Pixels): 1080p / 1920 x 1080px
  • Video Output Quality (What you see): Very Good Sharp images up to 1080p True colors
  • Transmission Distance – Coaxial Cable (RG59): 1600’
  • Transmission Distance Twisted Pair (CAT5): 700’
  • DVR Input Compatibility – Analog: All analog cameras, on any channel, in any configuration
  • DVR Input Compatibility – HD Analog: Any HD-TVI camera, on any channel, in any configuration
  • DVR Input Compatibility – IP: Supported IP cameras, on 2 channels, in any configuration
  • DVR Hybrid Capabilities: Yes, unlimited configurability
  • Format Compatibility: Open standard, over 100 manufacturers have launched or are developing solutions using TVI technology

Our wide range of HD TVI Cameras include TVI Fixed Camera, TVI Varifocal Camera, TVI Motorized Lens Camera, TVI License Recognition Camera, TVI Fixed Bullet Camera, TVI PTZ Camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), TVI Hidden Camera also known as TVI Covert Camera (TVI Motion Detection Camera and TVI Smoke Detection Camera) and TVI Vandal Proof Camera.