Analog Cameras

Analog Camera

The Analog Camera are cheaper than Digital Cameras. Several differences will make you decide what is the ideal solution for your project.

Analog (Analog Signal & High Definition Signal): As we know TVI, CVI, AHD, also are Analog System but with High Definition, so when we talk about Analog System we include them, but when we say Analog Camera is when we are talking about a group of camera with much lower resolution. In the Analog Camera we include such cameras with Analog Signal (540, 700, 800, 1000 TVLS).

Existing Differences between security camera solutions: CCTV Technology Diagram Comparison and Hi Definition Analog Camera Comparison

At Planet Security USA, we sell both “Analog Camera” and “Digital Camera”. Our Technical Support Department and sellers will guide you to take a right decision. Please find below our list of Analog Cameras: